1.  Trisha Qualio “” Doggy Dan really understands dogs and the 5 Golden Rules are great if you want to teach your dog in a kind way. He really does have every video and information for all dog problems. I just got a German Shepherd mix puppy and have installed the rules
right away. He is a very happy playful dog and the project Moses videos have really showed me what to expect and how to handle everything. Thank you!

2.  Vishal Kashyap “” I love it! The videos are explained in a concise manner and tells almost everything about dominating dog behavior. If you are looking to control, manipulate or correct your dog & puppy behavior, look no further than Doggy Dan!

3.  Ransom Patterson “” I just rescued a heeler/husky last week and already seeing a huge difference she was a good dog to begin with but now she comes when called, doesn’t pull on the leash, sits and lays down when I want. She is just in general happier all around and so am I really the 5 golden rules made a good dog awesome.

4.  Maureen Dillon O’Connell “” The 5 Golden Rules are awesome & easy to apply. My 1 yr old Cockapoo was a very picky eater (my bad) & starting to be a real barker ….things are soooo much better now. When i put down his bowl …he eats….it took a few days for him to change his attitude but it’s working. I have definitely changed my way of doing things & he has responded in a positive manner. We are a work in progress but on the right track. Thank you Dan!!

5.  Alison Leigh “” Have been working on the Golden Rules for 3 months now and the initial, remarkable difference in my dogs behaviour has been sustained. Issues are now only over enthusiastic visitors, so now iI need to continue training them! Jess is not super friendly, but she no longer rushes at people on their arrival and given her space and ignored, she is nearly perfect, wow! Thanks Dan.

6.  Lynn Heisler “” Doggy Dan truly understands dogs – a behaviorist with class, knowledge, kindness and caring. He has unending patience and never gives up. Doggy Dan is really and truly one of a kind!

7.  Debbie Thompson “” Really simple rules that work quickly and easily. We have only just started but can see the improvement already.

8.  Sara Byrnes “” I totally love Doggy Dan... and his training methods! I even bought a couple of months for my daughter and her family. They have a 1 year old border collie/lab mix and he tries very hard to be the pack leader in every situation. I have an 11 week old female border/lab mix. I think I have watched every video and also everything on the forum. We are trying our best to implement the 5 Golden Rules in our whole family system and have already seen a lot of benefit in the 1 year old and the puppy. I feel my puppy is getting off to a great start, even though she can be a little rascal at times. I really appreciate the video’s because Dan’s calm demeanor helps me to remain calm when dealing with situations. Thanks for all your insight and contribution to the relationships between doggies and their people!

9.  Kim Maurer “” I recently adopted a three-month-old chihuahua and have found Dan’s videos and methods to be very helpful. It’s been many years since I trained a puppy and I’ve never had one this small. Establishing myself as the pack leader right from the start and using Dan’s Five Golden Rules has set the stage for a great relationship with our new family member. I look forward to using more of Dan’s methods as we start more training.